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Are you an oracle card enthusiast looking for a dynamic and modern approach to traditional readings? Perhaps you’re a spiritual coach, eager to extend your range of offerings to clients. Either way, welcome to the next evolution in spiritual technology.

About the Creator of Ancient of Days Oracle

The brilliance behind Ancient of Days Oracle stems from Ningba, a spiritual mentor, teacher, and energy healer who has touched the lives of thousands, guiding them back to their true purpose. A retired master of both tarot and oracle readings as well as a celebrity psychic, she has spent years providing invaluable insights to clients around the globe. 

Recognizing the limitations posed by geographical distance and different time zones, she turned to a tarot software a decade ago to continue her work. Fast forward to 2023, she has distilled her vast knowledge and experience into manifesting the Ancient of Days Oracle—her own intuitive, user-friendly software—empowering her students to extend the same life-transforming services she’s been renowned for.

Bridging the old and the new

We’re living in an era of rapid technological advancement where innovation meets every facet of our lives—even our spiritual practices. Ancient of Days Oracle is crafted with an understanding of this beautiful confluence. While there’s nothing like the tactile joy of shuffling physical cards, this software is designed to bring the ancient art of oracle readings into the modern age.

Tarot Cards vs. Oracle Cards: Know the Difference

While tarot card readings operate under a longstanding, intricate system that utilizes specific symbols and archetypes to tap into the human subconscious, oracle cards offer a different landscape altogether. Oracle readings leave much room for the reader’s intuition and interpretation, allowing you to bridge the gaps and weave your own story lines through guidance. Ancient of Days Oracle focuses solely on this creative, open-ended realm of oracle reading, offering a refreshing divergence from traditional tarot systems.

¿How it works?

Shuffle and Pull

Just like a traditional deck, but digital. Users can shuffle cards virtually, and pull cards to create their own unique spreads.

Practice or Offer

Whether you are a novice seeking to sharpen your reading skills, or an advanced reader wanting to expand your client offerings, Ancient of Days Oracle is versatile and adaptable.

License and Download

Secure a license key to download the software and embark on an insightful journey through oracle reading.

Take Your Oracle Journey to the Next Level

In a world where past and future collide, the Ancient of Days Oracle is your contemporary conduit to ageless wisdom. Secure your license now and unlock the limitless potential of this invaluable tool.

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    Why Choose Ancient of Days Oracle?


    Create your own spreads based on your intuitive leanings.


    Harness the power of oracle readings anytime, anywhere.

    Tech-Savvy Yet Soulful

    A powerful example of how technology can enrich rather than replace our ancient spiritual practices.